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Job Type: Finance

Trust Accounting Manager

Reports to the Controller


Industry: Finance


Our client is a large investment management firm that is one of the world’s leading real estate service providers.


Job Description:


To ensure the efficient provision of accurate and timely financial reporting for the property portfolio and coordinate audit and tax and legal activities

*         Determine reporting deadlines, communicate and meet; develop and implement consistent and documented procedures and internal controls that ensure that reporting is accurate, consistent and meets relevant (Japanese and e.g. US/UK) reporting and disclosure requirements;

*         report any other requirements e.g. bank covenants or regulatory/compliance requirements;

*         coordinate periodic audits for SPC’s and ensure any audit recommendations are implemented;

*         work with Singapore Finance and LIM Global Tax to ensure optimal tax structures are achieved and trapped cash is minimized;

*         ensure tax filings are prepared accurately and filed on a timely basis;

*         coordinate with Lawyers and Acquisition and Asset Management teams to ensure appropriate entity compliance including: entity set up, maintenance (director and shareholder minutes) and dissolution;

*         work with corporate accounting / finance to ensure any corporate requirements are met in a timely and effective manner;

*         support Acquisition Team and Financing Manager in financing and refinancing activities and to ensure that bank covenants are understood and can be complied with;

*         ensuring that appropriate supporting documentation is available and filed in an orderly manner;

*         ensure good communication with all relevant stakeholders e.g. Singapore finance, Japan acquisition team, asset management team.



Location: Tokyo

Created: 2007-06-24 21:30:29

More Information
Location: Tokyo
Salary Month JPY: Negotiable

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