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Main > Accounting > マネージャー/アシスタントマネージャー, Manager or Assistant Manager
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Job Type: Accounting

マネージャー or アシスタント マネージャー














英語力    中級(TOEIC700点程度以上)


PC          連結会計ソフトDiva経験者、オラクルEBS経験者優遇 エクセル・ワード必須、アクセス・パワーポイントできれば尚可



Manager/Assistant Manager


Industry: Finance


Our client is a highly integrated real estate merchant banking and investment management firm with expertise in development, asset and property management, and real estate-related technology applications.


Job Description:


*         As a consolidated real estate investment business which has its core in real estate investment banking, we organize and operate the real estate investment fund of residential, office, and shopping center facilities, as well as real estate finance-related services (including overseas operations)

*         Responsibilities will include the important duties of handling consolidated as well as individual settlement of accounts (monthly, quarterly, half-term, and yearly) focused on estimated achievement analysis.


General Requirements:


*         Accounting managing experience

*         Experience in Real Estate investment

*         Knowledge or Experience with consolidated balance sheets

*         PC skills: Excel and Word


Language Requirements:


English Level – Intermediate (TOIEC score approx 700 and above)


Location: Tokyo

Created: 2007-06-24 22:05:52

More Information
Location: Tokyo
Salary Month JPY: Negotiable

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