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Job Listing
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Job Type: Finance

Working with Orbixa


Orbixais the new breed of corporate culture. Challenging, exciting, and rewarding, the Company is founded on an entrepreneurial spirit that believes that success (both personal and financial) is a privilege gained through hard work, creativity, and determination.


Securities trading is a serious business, but we also believe that people work better in an environment that does not stifle the individual. Openness, honesty and teamwork help people thrive in the Orbixa culture. We are always open to new ideas and improvements in the way we currently do things.


We will provide you with ongoing training and support in your career - your success ultimately leads to everyone's success . Our work environment is relaxed and informal, from dress code to our open plan office arrangements.


STOCK TRADER NIGHT SHIFT Do you work afternoons? Sleep in the morning and trade at night. Why not come aboard and trade the New York stock market? We are running a midnight shift 10:30pm - 5 am see web page for details
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Created: 2008-03-11 04:06:31

More Information
Location: Tokyo
Salary Month JPY: Negotiable

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