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Job Type: Jobs Wanted

Hi, I'm Mohamed 23 from Egypt...


* Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Suez Canal Uni

* Diploma in Film making so i;m familiar with Adobe premiere and after effects

* Soft skills trainer for 4 years

* 1 year experience in customer service field in major ISP company in Egypt

* 1 year experience in Freight Forwarding in one of the top Shipping companies in Egypt

* Arabic (native)

* English (Fluent)

* Korean (Basic)

I'de like to work and settle in Japan or S.Korea

I'm ready to do my best and to learn new things, I'm also open minded and fastly adapted with different cultures as i dealed with many foreigners and stayed in S.Korea for 3 months.


if u are interested in hiring someone with wide knowledge, creative mind and varied skills, pls email me on:

P.S: my detailed resume is ready upon request.


thanks & B.Regards

Mohamed Khalil

Created: 2010-06-25 07:14:56

More Information
Location: Tokyo
Salary Month JPY: Negotiable

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