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Job Type: Other


I am looking for someone who is interested in distributing wellness beverages. The product is entitled LIMU. LIMU comes in liquid form. The key ingredient in LIMU is Fucoidan. Fucoidan has extremely beneficial properties for the immune system.

Refer to the following link for specifics regarding LIMU and Fucoidan

The results are dramatic based on the testimonials of customers that have used this product

There is great awareness in the Far East regarding the benefits of Fucoidan. Most of the medical studies originate from this region. All are very positive.

By opting to sell LIMU, you will benefit from residuals on all of your sales. You will also receive a percentage from all who sell with/for you. Some of the most successful people who sell this product live in the Far East. The reason for this is due to a much higher level of individual awareness regarding wellness and Fucoidan.

Let me know if you have any additional questions. It only takes $25.00 US dollars to get started on the sales side.

To order LIMU: Enter the following Referral Number when you order:

If you would like to offer this to your friends, family and contacts as a distributor, please review the distributor information provided at this link:

Enter the following Referral Number when you enroll:

Please do your research and let me know if you decide to purchase product, or if you are enrolling as a distributor. If you know of others who are good sales people in the wellness field, simply enroll them under your name, when you receive your distributor information. Should you decide not to sell LIMU, please refer these individuals to us who may be interested.

I appreciate the interest and thank you again.


Tom Cavanaugh

(214) 385-3578

Created: 2006-02-10 17:07:09

More Information
Location: Tokyo
Salary Month JPY: Negotiable

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